I exist to give women the opportunity to see their true beauty and capture it forever. I love the uniqueness of every client and capturing each woman's own intimate beauty.

I have been a photographer for over 16 years! I believe so much in the power of a boudoir session, I do my own every year. Because of this I understand what it feels like to put yourself in such a vulnerable position. Having your image taken can be exciting but stressful. I strive to help women feel confident and sexy by creating tasteful intimate images through an empowering and pampering experience.

I gravitate towards people who are always smiling. I can't sit still as I think there is too much to explore to be stationary. I'm carefree and don't take myself or life too seriously. I work with amazing clients and am lucky enough to create images to show them that they are gorgeous and sexy despite maybe not feeling it. It's a wonderful feeling having clients come in, leave as friends, and feel 100% better about themselves. As women, we are often at times our biggest critics. We see flaws that don't exist, we make mountains out of molehills, and we ignore the beauty, resilience and grace that is staring us right in the face every day. I want to curtail that negativity and help women see the beauty they possess. I believe the power of photography can have a positive impact on a woman's sense of self. A beautiful picture can embolden, empower and emphasize our true selves. For most women, this is a once in a lifetime photo shoot - why not choose the best! I can't wait to meet you!


Photography - Ashley Durham - Yucca Valley