FAQ- I am feeling a bit nervois, is this normal?

How many outfits should I bring?
We encourage you to treat yourself to something new whether sensual, sexy, fun, or flirty! Whether its a new bra and panty set or a beautiful camisole, new lingerie can make any woman feel great. You may want to bring something that belongs to your significant other... a sports jersey, button-down shirt, a tie, hat, etc. Bring heels to go with some of your outfits and jewellery too. Whether you are trying to achieve a number of different looks or just want some diversity, your wardrobe plays a big part in your shoot and will allow me to deliver a great variety of images to you. We can also, happily, provide you with ideas on theme and where to purchase different items before your session. We also provide you with a list of three lingerie stores that will provide you with advice and fit you properly. Mention that you are doing a shoot with Tease Boudoir and you will also receive a discount!!

Can I use my image to promote myself or my business?
Our boudoir pricing and contract for boudoir sessions does not include any commercial or self-promotional use. Please contact us for information about such agreement or licensing.

I am feeling a bit nervous, is this normal?
It is normal for most people to feel nervous before and when they first arrive. Most of us are nervous in front of the camera fully clothed, so I understand how nerve wracking the thought of doing this can be. The first thing to think about is that you're doing it. So you must feel at least confident enough to have picked up the phone.

The second thing is that we are here to help you celebrate your natural beauty and to create beautiful artistic photographs of you; photographs that you'll treasure from now until the end of time. Boudoir is not about getting naked and bearing it all. It's about you and what makes you feel sexy. We are here to support you in whatever way we can. By the end of the session everyone says how much fun they had and how much more comfortable it was than they thought it would be.

Will you post my images on the internet?
We respect the privacy of our clients and we only display images on the web that have been approved by the client. For your own private viewing, we will also provide you with a password-protected online gallery so that you can order prints or albums.