FAQ- What is boudoir photography?

Where is Tease Boudoir located?
Our modern studio is located at: 84 Copperpond Terrace SE, Calgary. We have a full service studio. The studio consists of 7 areas. The actual studio where we will use studio light, 2 beautiful boudoir bedrooms, boudoir bathroom, a modernly decorated living room (or waiting room). We also have a gorgeous staircase of which there is a beautiful 9 foot long chandelier specifically for boudoir. There is also a piazza with beautiful french doors!

Who will photograph my session?
All boudoir sessions are photographed by myself (Shawna). I will completely direct you how to move and pose. Give me five minutes and I promise you that you will feel comfortable in front of my camera. You will leave the studio with a bounce in your step feeling excited to see your images!

What is outdoor boudoir?
We have a few locations near the studio where we can do your shoot in an urban or country setting. This session must be a minimum of three hours and will include photography in the studio.

What is boudoir photography?
The artistic tradition of boudoir photography is as old as the camera itself. Historically known as a private suite near the bedchamber of an elegant woman, the "boudoir" salon has been present in art, from paintings to photography worldwide for ages. We offer a contemporary update of this iconic style. Our mission is to celebrate your inartistic beauty and create empowering experiences for you. Leaving you feeling stunning, inside and out, subsequently delivering gorgeous photographs that will last a lifetime.

Who has boudoir images done?
Every woman should have beautiful images done. Gifts for Valentine's Day, the wedding day & anniversaries. Other reasons include birthdays and weight loss, other body improvement celebrations or just because.

How do I schedule a session?
Give the studio a call or you can email me at teaseboudoir@icloud.com. You can secure your session by credit card. If you prefer to pay by cash or cheque, please contact us first to make an arrangement. Hair and makeup services will be provided to you right in our studio.