Charmaine, Abundance and Mindset Coach |Calgary Lifestyle & Branding Session

I have been a photographer for over 20 years now. Not only do I shoot weddings and boudoir but I support women with Lifestyle/Branding sessions! When you think of branding photos, does your mind go to boring head shots or does it go to a fun session where you get to show off your brand’s personality? If you said show off brand personality then you would be right!!! 

Meet Charmaine! She is a blogger, Social Growth Strategist and Mindset Coach. She believes everyone is capable of tapping into their greater potential and really live the life they truly desire.
She helps others to achieve success and happiness in their lives and it definitely is her passion and my life purpose.

In her words: “It is my story and life journey to heal myself of limiting beliefs and childhood trauma that led me to pursue my coaching practice.”
I’m a female advocate, and my mission is to empower women to unlock their potential for greatness to be the confident strong, boss woman they are meant to be.
My education is in Strategic Intervention Life Coaching based on Human Need Phycology (through the Robbins Maddanes Life Coaching Program)
I’m also, a Clearing and EFT Practitioner. My mission is to help as many people as possible.
I believe the biggest hurdle that holds you back from achieving Greatness, Happiness and Fulfilment, is your Mindset.” 

Charmaine is a previously client of mine and I am so grateful that got to spend the day together and more importantly that I can support her on her new business venture!!