J & S’s Couples Boudoir Session | Calgary Boudoir

I absolutely adore couples boudoir sessions.  I believe everyone who loves someone should do a session!  A quick internet search of couples boudoir will generally show you a lot of toned, young, perfect bodies in over the top sexy poses.  To me, couples boudoir is about so very much more than that.  I shoot young couples in their 20’s just starting their life together, and I’ve shot couples in their 70’s who were celebrating a lifetime of love and memories.  Couples boudoir is for everyone, regardless of your gender, sexuality, age, body type, marital status. If you love someone, couples boudoir is for you. 

Why should you do a couples boudoir session?

1) To celebrate being comfortable in your skin. 

True love is the best thing to take away the negative filter we all see ourselves through when we look in the mirror.  It is my goal, at every session, to help you see yourselves as your loved ones see you.  It makes my heart so happy to hear someone say- “He (or she) has helped me to see that I am loved and beautiful, just as I am.”   Love doesn’t care if your body has scars, or extra pounds, or wrinkles, or gray hair.  Love sees all those things as reasons to love you more, as things that make you who you are, a being worthy of adoration.  

2) You’re not comfortable in your skin.  

It is so common for all of us to have things about our physical bodies that we don’t like.  Men have as many body image issues as women, it is just not acceptable for them to talk about them. I love showing men, and women, their true beauty, just as they are, and showing that in a couples session where you can grow into loving your bodies together is a wonderful thing.  I love to see the transformation in body comfort from the beginning of a session to the end, in both single and couples boudoir.  Often a guy will say he’s uncomfortable with a body part- like his abdomen- and I’ll say,” it’s ok, you’ll be the prop that I’ll drape your gorgeous partner over,” and see him relax a bit.  Then, by the end of the session, he’s comfortable enough to do some that are just him, I get to see him owning his body and its worth.  

3) You are celebrating beginnings.  

Beginnings can happen at age 20 and they can happen at age 65, and I’ve photographed couples at each age who are just starting on their life journey together.  The excitement of starting on a path together is always a joy to photograph.  

4) Celebrating a love that has stood the test of time.  

Love can be hard, marriage can be hard, and being together for years is celebration-worthy, always.  

5)You need to reconnect. 

I shoot a lot of couples who are going through transitions.  It has been my experience that love comes in waves, while it is always there, sometimes it is an overwhelming feeling and sometimes it is a quiet whisper, and that is normal.  I see a lot of couples at sessions who have been through traumatic times together and need a time to reconnect with each other.  I love seeing that spark in their eyes light up for each other again.  

6) You’re damn sexy together. 

Society tells us sexy has an age limit, has a weight limit, that it’s a small lucky percentage of the population.  You know that’s wrong though, because you know there is nothing sexier than the person in front of you who you truly love.  You’ve come to a place in your relationship where the sexual connection is amazing, where you can be honest and vulnerable with each other, leading to deeper emotional and physical connections.  Perhaps you can let your freak flag fly a bit, and that’s a good thing.  It’s always an honor to be let into personal aspects of your life that you don’t share with the world at large.  

7) You are going through a time of transition.

I work with a lot of couples who are at a crossroads in their life.  Perhaps they just became empty nesters and are adjusting to feelings of loneliness and finding who they are again in life.  Maybe they are anxiously anticipating the arrival of a new baby and wondering how their life is going to change.  Some have endured major medical trauma and are adjusting to new bodies and new lives.  I always love being included as a part of your life,  to document your journey. 

8) Milestones.  

I often see couples when they are celebrating a milestone- a birthday, an anniversary, even a “1 year cancer free” session.  I love that I get to celebrate those milestones with you, and I love that for many of my clients, I get to celebrate new milestones with them every year. 

9) You want to celebrate overcoming adversity together. 

Each of us faces challenges in our relationship.  Each of us has hard times.  Love is worth the fight, and you are willing to fight for your partnership.  No matter what you have faced in life together, how hard it has been, today, you love each other.  And that is all that matters. 

10) Your love is beautiful.  It’s as simple as that.  And on hard days, days where it can be difficult to find beauty, looking at photos on your wall and being reminded how beautiful your unique love is can be a wonderful thing.