Miss F’s Boudoir Session | Calgary Boudoir

I’ve found that as I talk about outdoor boudoir, so many folks immediately have questions about how it works, what’s different from studio sessions, and some logistical/weather/wardrobe/safety questions.

In planning an outdoor boudoir session, we’ll begin the process with a planning chat to talk about your vision. Just like boudoir sessions in my studio, we will talk about the style/feeling you’d like your pictures to have, what parts of your body you love, what you really want to celebrate in this moment of life, and all the planning details that bring your session to life. In addition to that typical session planning, we will also talk about location (this is where your dreaming comes in!!) and whether or not it involves significant travel on my end. I love travelling for photoshoots and will calculate a basic travel expense fee if necessary.