Miss L Dom Boudoir Session | Calgary Boudoir

Dominatrix and submissive involves playing within power dynamics, which are often exaggerated, to explore the exchange of power and control between play partners, either by taking or surrendering control in the context of erotic play.

Within a BDSM dynamic, there tends to be two distinct roles: the dominant partner (also widely known as a “dom”, “domme”, or “top”) is typically the more assertive person who instigates the scenario and takes control over the submissive partner (also known as a “sub” or “bottom”), who in turn willingly relinquishes their control to the dominant partner. An individual who flips between dominant and submissive roles is referred to as a switch. Switches can express this tendency across all relationships, or within a given relationship.

While physical activities often do overlap with D/s dynamics, the D/s aspect of BDSM is highly psychological. Because it can manifest in many ways across individuals and relationships, the specifics of what these terms encompass occupy a significant range.

Why bondage? Well let me tell you there is a different feel and added element to using bondage during a boudoir photoshoot. BDSM and bondage is a big part of many peoples intimate life and showing that beauty and vulnerability in photos is so hot! Letting someone use restraints like ropes, cuffs, spreaders bars, etc on you requires a lot of trust. Trust from your partner and trust from me in the studio, that trust does not go unnoticed. A lot of the time clients come to me super curious about the different bondage accessories and leave talking about how they want to buy them to have fun at home. I created this business to let women, men and couples be themself. It doesn’t matter what size, gender, age or color you are, everyone is welcome. Showing off your kinks, fantasies, and beauty is so important!