Miss S Boudoir Session | Calgary Boudoir

A boudoir photoshoot is a powerful experience, way beyond pretty photos. It’s an opportunity to boost your confidence, reconnect with yourself and give yourself well-deserverd quality time. But it is a vulnerable experience and it feels quite intimidating for many of you. 

Let’s dive in and debunk the 5 most common fears that might stop you for treating yourself to a boudoir shoot.

Fear #1: You don’t have the “right” body. 

Being surrounded by unachievable beauty standards in the media and social media making it incredibly easy to compare yourself to others, this is not a surprise that many of us think we would need to look a certain way in order to pose without clothes on. Too fat, too thin, not this enough, too much there, it is hard not to get lost in it! But that’s exactly why boudoir is needed: to put an end all of this bullshit. 

There is no right body. There are just bodies. They come in all shape and sizes and one kind isn’t better than the other. Yours is great the way it is, because it is yours. It’s been supporting you for many years and deserve some love and recognition for doing so. Wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, they all tell a story: your story. And that’s good enough.


We actually don’t recommend changing your body before a session, especially short-term. Otherwise, you risk looking back at those photos months later feeling like it is not you and that’s the opposite of what we want! We want you to see your photos as a reminder of how beautiful you are with the body you have, and to remind you of this great confidence you have. That kind of magic stays forever!

Fear #2: Not feeling like a “sexy” person.

Again, we have been conditioned to think that it means one thing and one thing only: to provoke desire for somebody else (usually, for the male gaze…). Some things are sexy and some things aren’t and that is it. 

Well… it isn’t. Being sexy is a feeling first, not a look, and it comes in many ways.It’s an energy that makes you feel confident, badass, and sensual and there isn’t any ultimate definition for any of these. You can feel sexy changing a lightbulb or wearing fancy lingerie. 

Since it is such a versatile feeling, everybody can be sexy. You can make it your own so easily, don’t be afraid to tap into it!

Fear #3: Not knowing how to pose. 

Wait, you mean you don’t know how to pose accordingly in a photography concept you’ve never tried before? How dare you!

Of course you don’t know, and your photographer shouldn’t expect you to! It’s already hard enough to pose for simple family photos as it is! A good photographer will guide you through every pose and set. You shouldn’t even have to think about it. All of our clients are first-timers, and it is part of our job to guide them to highlight their body and beauty during a session, not theirs. 

Fear #4: Not feeling like yourself.

In traditional boudoir, some sort of lingerie is often involved. Well, we don’t believe in tradition so it opens a lot more doors.

What you should think of when thinking of outfits is what you feel good in first. What outfit makes you feel confident? Beautiful? What are those pieces you got that made your heart skip a beat that you haven’t gathered the courage to wear yet? 

That’s what we are looking for. A boudoir twist is very easily applicable on any oufits.

Of course a classic set of lingerie is an option but you can think outside the box and go for example with:

  • Bodysuits of any kind;
  • Jeans, joggers, overalls;
  • Cosplay and themed outfits
  • Loose tshirt, sweaters;
  • Dresses of any kind, robes, outfits rated as “too much”;

Fear #5: Where will those photos end up?

This one isn’t related to body and mindset, but yet oh-so important: what happens to the photos afterwards?

Some people don’t care at all using their photos online, but for the majority of people, having those photos around somehow is just not an option. In our case, this is a decision you let us know before we even book anything, and we just put it in writing and follow your lead. We have had also many people asking us to delete the images from our hard-drives once the session was completed, and we just… do it. Don’t hesitate to ask questions prior to booking anything and if they aren’t answered clearly, this is a red flag.

Everyone should try boudoir photography at least once in their life. There is a before and an after in this adventure, with many more perks that you wouldn’t even think of. Take the leap, challenge yourself and you won’t regret it.