Mr T’s Portraiture Session | Dudoir Photography

More and more men are finding the appeal in a male dudoir photography session. With the chance to look and feel great, plus photos that make you look like a subject of GQ, can you blame them?

While we primarily photograph women, we’re always game to work with the opposite sex. It lets us exercise our creativity in different ways, directing for moodier expressions and stronger angles. We love it so much that we will soon be launching a website dedicated to men ONLY!

So often we hear men (and women) say, “No way, not me.  Why would I ever do that?” Au contraire.  You CAN and should.  There are so many reasons to do a male boudoir photography session. Maybe you’re in prime physical condition and want a similar experience to a shoot in a Mens fitness magazine or maybe you think the whole thing is a little silly and want to do a funny male boudoir photography session as a tongue-in-cheek gift to your significant other. That’s cool too.

In our humble opinion, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to push back against the notion men should always be tough, dirty, and unkempt and ladies are the only ones who get to indulge in some pampering.  Well that’s no fun! Mr T contacted us as he wanted to do a session so that he could give it as a gift for a special someone. Here are a few images from our fun day!!