The Stunning Miss K | Tease Boudoir Studio

Well Miss K was so much fun to shoot. It’s funny because in her comments she states that when she sees a camera she hides. Well during her shoot she embraced the the camera. I am so glad she did as she is beautiful and looks like she is a gorgeous model!! Here are a few words from this amazing person!!

What was your overall experience with Tease Boudoir Photography like?
This was something I had never done before and I was honestly terrified when I walked up to the studio door. I had no idea what to expect but from the moment I walked in the door I immediately felt safe. Shawna welcomed me with a big smile and her positive energy really helped me to calm down and relax. The entire time I felt like I was special and even though I had no idea what I was doing Shawna was amazing at helping me get the right pose. I had more fun than I had expected and I left the studio feeling like a super fox! For my first boudoir shoot, I am very happy with my experience.

Why did you choose to work with Tease Boudoir Photography?
I have always wanted to try doing a boudoir photo shoot but I have always been hesitant of being half naked in front of a strange man because the majority of boudoir photographers that I have looked at are male. I had found Tease Boudoir on Facebook and I really loved the style of photos so I kept updated on the page and website hoping that one day I would be inspired enough to do a shoot of my own. It just so happened that a few months down the road Dawnelle showed up at my workplace! After chatting with her about Tease and about Shawna I was really impressed and I felt that these were the right ladies to finally put my trust in.

Going into the shoot, what were you worried about that you realized later wasn’t that big of a deal?
I was worried most about being able to pose and get a good photo. I have never modeled and most often when a camera comes my way I duck and hide. That really didn’t matter because Shawna walked me through everything and when I was nervous or struggling she would help me and show me exactly what to do and where to move my leg or my arms. It made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in good hands!

Looking back on the planning process, do you feel like you were given adequate information and references to help you better prepare for your shoot?
Yes. But I left most of my outfit planning to the day before my shoot. Which was a bad idea because it really stressed me out.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?
Picking my outfits.

What was your favorite part of the actual shoot?
The entire experience was amazing. But I loved that I was able to chat and laugh and have fun with Shawna during the shoot. I could have sat and posed in front of anyone but being able to relax and smile and really feel like I was hanging out with a friend made it so much more enjoyable.

Is there anything that we could have done differently to make your experience a better one?
A big glass of wine before the shoot would have really helped to calm my nerves! =D

Was the studio to your liking?
Yes. The rock/grey brick wall was my favorite. The design at atmosphere of the studio was amazing and so beautiful.

If you could tell future clients one thing about booking with Tease Boudoir Photography, what would it be?
It was probably one of the most fun experiences I have had! You will feel so great afterwards!

Would you have another boudoir shoot with Tease Boudoir Photography?
In a heartbeat. =)

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