The stunning Miss L!

This lucky lady has some amazing girlfriends as she received this session as a gift for her bridal shower. That being said there is going to be one happy husband in her near future! It was such a fun shoot. Miss L had an air of confidence around her and it was amazing to watch her embrace her poses while making it fun!! Here are some of her stunning images and a few words from our amazing client!!


  • What was your overall experience with Tease Boudoir Photography like?

Amazing! Better than I even expected. I had always wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot too make myself feel sexy but the results were even better than I anticipated.

  • Why did you choose to work with Tease Boudoir Photography?

Was chosen for me as a gift! The friend who purchased the shoot for me had worked with Tease before.

  • Going into the shoot, what were you worried about that you realized later wasn’t that big of a deal?

Wasn’t really worried about anything! Except maybe the fact I had never worn fake eyelashes before and thought they might be uncomfortable, but they were way easier than I thought!

  • Looking back on the planning process, do you feel like you were given adequate information and references to help you better prepare for your shoot?

Yes absolutely

  • What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Deciding what to wear!

  • What was your favorite part of the actual shoot?

Catching glimpses of myself in the mirror, or seeing some of the images on Shawna’s camera and thinking “wow is that really me?”

  • Is there anything that we could have done differently to make your experience a better one?

Nothing, it was amazing

  • Was the studio to your liking?

Yes it was stunning! I loved all of the rooms, and even though it was part of a “house” it felt very professional. Modern, clean, and elegant. Loved it!

  • If you could tell future clients one thing about booking with Tease Boudoir Photography, what would it be?

Bring lots of outfit/accessory options! It’s better to have lots to choose from, and Shawna knows what will photograph the best.

  • Would you have another boudoir shoot with Tease Boudoir Photography?