The Stunning Mrs A!

We had a shoot with Miss A and it was fabulous as she was up for anything that I threw at her. I absolutely love the stair shots. I can’t imagine these poses were easy on the back but she didn’t even hesitate. Here are a few words from Miss A!

What was your overall experience with Tease Boudoir Photography like?
My Experience was wonderful. 
Why did you choose to work with Tease Boudoir Photography?
They had pretty good reviews when I Googled it, their website looked professional.Going into the shoot, what were you worried about that you realized later wasn’t that big of a deal?
Trying to look the right way for the photos with a complete stranger. Trying to get the correct emotions showing.Looking back on the planning process, do you feel like you were given adequate information and references to help you better prepare for your shoot?
Ya, emails were answered quickly, and information was very clear.What was your favorite part of the planning process?
Picking the outfits out.What was your favorite part of the actual shoot?
How comfortable Shawna made me feel
Is there anything that we could have done differently to make your experience a better one?
No, it was all pretty perfect.Was the studio to your liking?
Ya, it was clean, comfortable, I liked that Shawn had music playing, gets you hyped up.If you could tell future clients one thing about booking with Tease Boudoir Photography, what would it be?
Best decision ever.Would you have another boudoir shoot with Tease Boudoir Photography?
Last words:Shawna!!!! You did AMAZING!!!!! It’s so amazing seeing myself like that!!! I’ve never really been an insecure person, but holy crap!!! The confidence you have given me!!!!!Thank you so much for allowing me, and giving me the situation to feel so empowered!!! You should do the survey after women see how amazing you make them look and feel!!!!