Miss S Boudoir Session | Calgary Boudoir Photography

Miss S is getting married and wanted to give her fiancé an album on their big day. He is going to be pleasantly surprised if not shocked as Miss S is more on the shy side although you certainly couldn’t tell by her beautiful images. When I started Tease Boudoir, it was of the utmost importance that at MY studio, you’ll always look like you, on your best, happiest, most well-rested day.  It doesn’t matter what you look really, or if you consider yourself the “kind of woman” who would have a boudoir shoot – I mean, what is that, anyway? We all have our version of what it means to be a woman, what it means to be the best versions of ourselves, what it means to feel free to be who you are, and THAT is what I am after when I capture someone.

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