Mr S “DUDOIR” Session

Women aren’t the only ones who need a boudoir session to boost their self esteem or surprise a significant other. Meet Dudoir. Or Male Boudoir. Take your pick. It’s just as sexy and just as much fun. We’ve been doing a lot of dudoir lately and we really enjoy these sessions. Our male clients get the same level of pampering our female clients receive. They receive professional hair and makeup application (yes, really!) and lots of delicious snacks and drinks during the session. Makeup application is obviously much lighter than what we’d do for our female clients. Just a little concealer and powder and they’re ready to go! Some clients request we don’t use their images publicly and we always respect their wishes. Making sure that a client is completely comfortable and happy throughout the boudoir process is so much more important to us than expanding our portfolio. Mr S was so much fun to work with. Believe it or not it was REALY COLD outside but he was a pro!! Here are a few shots from this chilly outdoor/indoor session!

  1. Sierra says:

    Mmmm ohhhhmehgerd!
    Stunning. I need to go have a cold shower now. 🙂

  2. Lorinda McKellar says:

    Ok let me just say he’s gorgeous! A feast for the eyes. I’ll pick my chin up now…