Outdoor Boudoir: Featuring the beautiful Mrs E!

What a fabulous day with Mrs E! I love when the shoot get’s into what us photographers call “the sweet light”. It’s when the sun is just about to set and if you are lucky you may have a 1/2 hour to get your shots. It may be a short time but worth the wait! Here are a few words from Mrs E…

Why did you book a boudoir photo session?
It was a gift for my husband for our 1 year anniversary but I also did it for myself so I can look back and have something unique that makes me feel sexy.

Why did you choose Tease Boudoir Photography?
It was the obvious choice for me. Shawna’s work is outstanding and I knew her fabulous personality would make the session fun and easy.

How did you prepare for your session?
I shopped a lot with a close friend! Then the few days before I got my nails done and had a massage and pedicure.

How was your boudoir session photography experience?
I really can’t believe how fun it was. Shawna surpassed my expectations from a photography standpoint but more so from an overall experience standpoint. We were laughing and making jokes and she was very supportive and encouraging while giving direction.

How did you feel after your session?
Like a rockstar! I was so excited to see the images and even more excited to show my husband and surprise him.

Why should other women do a boudoir shoot for themselves?
It is SUCH an amazing experience to feel sexy and do something fun for yourself. As women, we experience so many pressures to look a certain way but this session made me embrace my body for it’s curves and all and I would most definitely encourage any woman to do this to feel great about themselves. Thank you Shawna!!

  1. Janet says:

    WOWSERS! Stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Angela Hartman says:

    WOW….looking just gorgeous!!!
    …..this just gets me SO pumped about my shoot coming. I hope it turns out as beautiful as these did. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!! : ) WOOT WOOT!!

  3. TL says:

    Gorgeous girl. You are pretty and nice! Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.