Teasers – Featuring The Beautiful Miss “K”

This month has proved to be very busy and demanding due to Valentines!  Miss K also came into the studio for a surprise valentines gift for her boyfriend.  We had quite a few giggles during the session. She was VERY nervous at the start but that quickly faded and we had an amazing session!  I was only able to pick a few images as the remainder are private! Thank you so much, Miss K for allowing me to share these images of you, you look stunning! I am sure your boyfriend is in for a treat! Have a great trip!

Why did you book a boudoir photo session? – For my boyfriend, and for me to have a sexy day.

Why did you choose Tease Boudoir Photography? – I loved the set up and the results of previous sessions on facebook.

How did you prepare for your session? – I prepared my outfits a few days before, had my make up done by Michelle and I did my own hair.

Who are your boudoir imagers for? – My boyfriend for valentines day!

How was your boudoir session photography experience? – Pretty unreal, Shawna was extremely welcoming, which helped push away the nervous butterflies I had.

How did you feel after your session? – Really amazing!! I know I probably came off a bit shy at first but I know we got some good photos as Shawna was really helpful with poses!

Why should other women do a boudoir shoot for themselves? – To feel sexy and capture those moments for a significant other or just for themselves!


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