The Beautiful Mrs C! Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Mrs C came to our studio from out of town. I was elated to spend the day with her and her best girlfriend who is also Mrs C. I love when clients, who are best friends do their shoots together. They become moral support for each other and the day ends up being an amazing bonding moment for all of us. Here are a few words from the beautiful Mrs C!

Why did you book a boudoir photo session? To feel good about myself & have some nice pictures also a gift for my husband.

Why did you choose Tease Boudoir Photography? My girlfriend & I chose Tease Photography from the website, you had amazing pictures & reading your blog we just felt she was the photographer for us.

How did you prepare for your session? Weeks before we started looking at Boudoir images on the web, getting ideas for outfits, accessories & poses we liked.

Who are your boudoir images for? My husband, he’s going to flip when he see’s the pictures!!!! Also I did it for myself!

How was your boudoir session photography experience? Amazing!!!!! Shawna you made me feel so comfortable with my body & you had me feeling like a supermodel.

How did you feel after your session? Elated. I had so much fun, want to do it annually!!

Why should other women do a boudoir shoot for themselves? I think all women like to have nice pictures of themselves, we like to feel sexy & be desired & a boudoir session will definitely do that for you.

  1. Sheila says:

    WOWSERS! What a beautiful woman. I can only wish to be in that good of shape!